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Children’s Health Insurance

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Children who are not covered by health insurance could be eligible to receive insurance thanks to the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA). State government agencies run the Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIPs) so they may be called by different names depending on where you live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Benefits   Am I eligible?   How do I apply?

For little or no cost, this program pays for a variety of children’s medical expenses such as: Doctor visits Dental care Immunizations Hospital stays Emergency room visits If your child is already covered by a health insurance policy, you may be eligible for assistance paying the monthly cost of this insurance. Remember that each state makes its own rules about who is eligible, what medical costs are covered and how much is covered, so your benefits may be slightly different than those listed.

If you have a moderate to low income, your children may be eligible to receive insurance, or assistance with insurance premiums, under this program. There may be additional requirements in your state. Contact your local office to learn about how to qualify in your state.

You need to contact your local CHIP office to find out how to apply. In some places, you apply for CHIP with the same application you’d fill out for Medicaid. Check with your local office to find out more.

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